OSJO save the Kurds gig in Oundle

Save The Kurds – Oundle Musicians Busking for Donations

An archive photo, contributed by Giles Harris (OSJO), featuring an interesting all-star cast of musicians from 1991.

This pic, we think from 1991, features (from left) Marcus Bowman, me, Giles Harris, Dickon Hayward, Toby Coles, and obscured from view is Sam Jackaman, Adam Simpson, Oli Adam and someone TBC on keyboard. Also featured is Charlie Furniss’ amp.

save the Kurds gig in Oundle, in 1990
A “save the Kurds” busking gig in Oundle, 1990, with a spread of musicians from across the school

Ahem,.. this appears to be at the start of the gig, as there are precious few donations in Adam Simpson’s open Bass case.

When seeing this pic, Sam Jackaman remembered:

All I remember playing is MercyMercyMercy with a great bum note after the ascending bit…

…and when pinpointing the year of the photo

I remember trying to rip it up in the style of Vernon Reid which was ’91.