New York at night, from a roof top

New York – hitlist for ambulatory middle-agers.

I’ve been asked by friends and colleagues about places to recommend in NYC. I’m storing them here for convenience and accessibility.

Here are a handful of great places from recent trips to NYC. NB – for a failsafe list of places in Hell’s Kitchen, look at the W42ST App; in particular the 2022 award winners.

My recommendations in no particular order:

Pocket bar

The Pocket Bar is in Hell’s Kitchen on 48th and 10th, and just around the corner is their sister bar: Back Pocket Bar.

Great beers and wines. Get in before 10, get a seat at the bar, then stay for the musical experience.


Periyali is an excellent Greek restaurant; try the squid, and ask the kind staff to recommend some Greek white wine. They have an excellent selection!

Una Pizza Napolitana

Apparently, the best pizza in North America is available at Una Pizza Napolitana in Soho. You must book 6-ish days in advance, then queue up early.


Palma is an excellent Italian in the West Village, near Washington Square Park.

Urban Hawker

Urban Hawker is a recently opened marketplace of Asian restaurants, centered around a buzzing restaurant area.

The Highline

Go for a walk above street level.


If you’re near Hudson Yard, and like beer and/or whiskey/rum,.. this is a great place. Book a table!!

230 Fifth – rooftop bar

Photo at the top of this post. If the weather is good, the views here are great.

The Waylon – country music bar & venue

A great country music bar in Hells Kitchen, famously where Bruce Willis used to serve drinks, just before making Moonlighting. Die Hard.