Stage Appearences

#newsHACK IV in Nairobi - BBC Connected Studio: World Service Africa - Nairobi

Nairobi #newsHACK: BBC Connected Studio World Service Africa

This event, in Nairobi Garage, was a hack event held by BBC News Labs and Connected Studio to prototype & launch new pilot News services that will reach underserved audiences on the African continent.

James Montgomery opens #newsHACK III on Langauge Technology

#newsHACK III – Language Technologies Hack – Tower Bridge

#newsHACK III – Language Technology was a 2 day hack event in London focussed on “Multilingual Automated News Services of the Future”.

Future of News session in BBC Council Chambers

Future of News – Audience Session for BBC News

Hosted by Steve Herrmann, we ran an Audience Session for the “Future of News” project today. George Wright, Miles Bernie and I showed some prototypes.

#newsHACK 2 team in Dublin

#newsHACK 2 “Dublin Branch” – Team & Photos

Great event in Dublin & Glasgow – will add more soon. – see #newsHACK hashtag for updates, and #newsHACK website.

The Newsroom of Things for ISKO UK – Taming the News Beast

Jeremy Tarling and I both gave talks yesterday at ISKO UK’s Taming the News Beast. Jeremy went into some detail about the News Storyline Ontology, and I talked about how BBC News Labs were planning to tame the news beast in terms of auto-tagging the Journalism data we store – text, images and AV – “The … Continue reading The Newsroom of Things for ISKO UK – Taming the News Beast

Titanic Slipway, Belfast

BBC News Archive prototyping event in Belfast

We just finished a great event with the Connected Studio in Belfast: The News Archive Build Studio. Following on from the Creative Studio events in London and Belfast, and the earlier briefings in London and Belfast, this event saw 8 teams create 8 prototypes, all of which will go into audience testing.

Matt Shearer at Press Launch for International Startup Conference

Press launch for International Startup Conference

On the 10th, I took part in a press launch for the “International Startup Conference” run by Room in the Moon’s Rafael dos Santos, at Google Campus. I’ll be talking about rapid prototyping at the event in mid March at Ravensbourne College in London. Press Launch for Startup Conference

BBC Academy Fusion Talks - innovation in large organisations

Fusion Talk – News Labs with Mirror & Shed Media, MC’d by Jem Stone

Did a quick talk for BBC Academy Fusion today about News Labs & Connected Studio – chaired by Jem Stone. It was all about “Innovation in large organisations”. Malcolm Coles (Product Director at Trinity Mirror) and Martin Trickey (Group Head of Digital at Shed Media Group) also talked. Video to go up shortly.

News Archive Creative Studio Briefing – Belfast

Following the News Archive briefing in London yesterday, we ran the briefing in Belfast today. ~10 Indies from the Belfast area attended, to look at the scope and context for the News Archive Connected Studio process which is kicking off. You can read more about it here. Richard Cable introduced the News Archive editorial proposal. … Continue reading News Archive Creative Studio Briefing – Belfast

BBC News Labs at SeedCamp’s “SeedHack 4” (2013)

On 8th – 10th November 2013, BBC News Labs took THE JUICER data and the BBC News Labs APIs to SeedCamp’s SeedHack 4 in Google Campus. I stood up with Ontoba’s Paul Wilton and introduced the backstory of the News Labs  “JUICER”, data and News Labs APIs available from The Juicer platform, and provided the … Continue reading BBC News Labs at SeedCamp’s “SeedHack 4” (2013)

BBC #newsHACK 2013 demos and prize winners

Demos from #newsHACK – 27 Prototypes demo sessions & 7 Prize Winners

See the demos and prizewinners from the #newsHACK 2013 event. A few moments: The Mirror team’s “Rubix News” The Sky News team hack demo My former boss Anthony Sullivan (who was a judge, and is now at Guardian) giving an award to the Sky News team Me Introducing the judges Robin Pembrooke awarding “Best in … Continue reading Demos from #newsHACK – 27 Prototypes demo sessions & 7 Prize Winners

BBC News Labs APIs at Yahoo! HackEurope 2013

On 29th April 2013, the we (BBC News Labs team) took the News Labs APIs, and all the data held in The Juicer, to Yahoo! Hack Europe. You can see the BBC News Labs at Yahoo! Hack Europe presentation here and the video of the News Labs presentation here. BBC News Labs Presentation at Yahoo! … Continue reading BBC News Labs APIs at Yahoo! HackEurope 2013