Virginia Shearer - Ginny

Virginia Shearer

Posts and Photos featuring Virginia Shearer, my sister. Ginny has done a million things, including working on Hollywood scripts and films, playing the accordion, wearing crazy wicked clothes, and being very random. Currently Ginny is in the horror scene in Londollywood (London’s Hollywood).

Matt Shearer and his first Drum Kit.

The Arrival of Drums. Christmas 1988, Approx

A retrospective post. I will need to check on dates. This set of archive pictures marks the arrival of drums in Woodford at the homestead. This pics probably range into 1989 for Ed’s birthday. In the next 2 shots, you can see some of the key 1980s Woodford characters. Rob Hall, Robert Spencer, Adrian Anderson – … Continue reading The Arrival of Drums. Christmas 1988, Approx