Our Mercedes in San Francisco in the 1970s

San Francisco – 1960s – before the move to London & my birth

Some photos taken by Fred Shearer in the 1960s in San Francisco. Featured is our old house – 165 San Buenaventura Way, and some other parts of San Francisco.

Here’s our house,… I have some memories of it 🙂

The Shearer house in San Francisco – 165 San Buenaventura Way

I remember the sprinklers that were INTEGRATED into the lawn, and also climbing inside the tree to the left,… inspired by watching CAPTAIN KANGAROO.

From the house I also remember our Chevy Suburban, the spiral stairs, lime yoghurts, and waking up in my bed with the cat scratching my toes. From the local area I remember the playground and the park with the buffalo.

The Local Bank, San Francisco
Driving in our Mercedes, San Francisco
View of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, late 1960s