Noel Gallagher defaced our Flux demo tape,… allegedly

A strong reaction from Noel Gallagher to our first FLUX demo recorded at Cafe Music. The authenticity of the handwriting and signature are unverified. See photos in this post.

We sent this demo tape of our band “FLUX” to Noel Gallagher in ~1995, to his home address.

It seems that he didn’t like it – the tape came back to us some time later, broken and burnt, with some notes on the sleeve and on the Letter we had included with the demo.

It includes a signature “Noel Gallagher” on the back of a Letter that we had put in with the cassette tape.

Noel sent back:

  1. Damaged cassette tape – broken and melted from apparent lighter burns.
  2. Sleeve with words written by Noel (we assume) “Boll*cks”, “KAK”, “sh*t”.
  3. Our Letter to Noel, with his writing on the reverse including a signature: “Dear Lads, Forget it, yours sincerely, Noel Gallagher”.
  4. Also on the Letter to Noel, he wrote “I didn’t buy the stamp I nicked it”

Defaced Cassette and sleeve

Demo tape from FLUX in 1995, vandalised by Noel Gallagher allegedly

Noel’s “take home message” back to us

Message written and signed by Noel Gallagher unverified)

A short explanation of how it was returned to us, to allay any fears he might have invested a few pence in a stamp

As Returned, with the sleeve nicely reversed, featuring new Gallagher livery

Demo Cassette defaced by Noel Gallagher, allegedly, seen as returned