BBC News Step Change Innovation

Delivering Step Change Innovation: A new team for Responsive BBC News

Exciting times in the new job with BBC News. Working with Anthony Sullivan ‘s team, I starting a new unit to deliver a step change innovation for BBC News. Responsive Design!!

Working with Anthony (Head of Product for BBC News), Kate Milner (Product Manager, mobile, for BBC News) and Matt Chadburn (Dev lead for BBC News, just starting), I am creating a new team, with roadmap space and an innovation remit, to deliver a responsive design service for BBC News.

We have the team mostly in place, and we’re about to embark on a 6 week prototyping timebox, to explore the possibilities of a responsive BBC News service.

This will tackle the problem of proliferating device sizes and capabilities, and allow a progressive enhancement service to work to each consumer device’s best capabilities. Read more about Responsive Design thinking at the responsive design article on a list apart.