FT - Winners of Best in Show at #newsHACK 2013

Winners of #newsHACK 2013

You can see the Winners of #newsHACK 2013 here on the newsHACK website.

Winners of newsHACK 2013

1) Best in Show Award

Presented by Robin Pembrooke (Head of News & Weather Products, BBC)

Awarded to : The Perspectivator (Financial Times).


2) Best Live & Breaking News Experience

Presented by Nic Newman (Independent Strategist, Trainer, and Product Tank Lead)

Awarded to : “Connected Storylines” by The Grads (BBC)


3) Best University Hack

Presented by Christina Scott (CIO, FT)

Awarded to : “News Drop” by Culture Labs (Newcastle University).


4) Best Visual News Experience that Scales

Presented by Jon Paolo (Head of Editorial at SKY NEWS ONLINE)

Awarded to : “Storyline” by The LatLongs (BBC Location Services)


5) Best Hack that’s likely to never be launched

Presented by Peter Rippon (Editor of the BBC Online Archive)

Awarded to : “Rubix News” by “3 mins 16 secs” (The Mirror).


6) Hack that surprised us most

Presented by Anthony Sullivan (Head of Product, The Guardian)

Awarded to : “Talk News” by SKY News team (SKY).


7) Best Journalism Tool

Presented by Jon Paolo

Awarded to : “Westminster Watchdog” by The Times (Times Digital)