BBC News Labs – Christmas Season Asynchronous Workshop

The wider BBC News Labs group gathered* at The Bricklayers Arms in Shoreditch to discuss 2013, new ideas, and plans for 2014**.

Russell, Harry & David

Silver Oliver and Jodie-Lan Castle

The Data Architects
@lyntor and @jeremytarling

What does this mean? What is the benefit?

After a very busy 6 months, this is an ideal time to hold a retrospective, and think about how to improve things for 2014. The team went over what had gone well, what needed improvements, and some suggested ideas for how to achieve this.

All of this in the great setting of a Shoreditch establishment.

* Those who weren’t already on holiday.

** For the avoidance of doubt, all items were funded from our own private (non BBC) pockets.