News Labs at Imperial College

News Labs & R&D Visit to Imperial – Neurotechnology & Data Science

Today we visited Aldo Faisal (creator of the Faisal Lab for Brain & Behaviour) again at Imperial College to go through Neurotechnology prototype opportunities.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Yi-ke-Guo, the Director of the new Data Science Institute at Imperial College London.

The focus of the visit was on project opportunities around “completing the loop” – looking at how human actions (eye movement, facial heat, EEG, etc) can be used to curate connections and content experiences. More soon on this from BBC News Labs.

Who was there:-

  1. Aldo Faisal – Lecturer in Neurotechnology, Imperial College
  2. Jeremy Tarling – Senior Data Architect, BBC News
  3. Peter Rippon – Editor Online Archive, BBC
  4. Maxine Glancy – BBC R&D UX Quantified Self Project
  5. Chris Newell – BBC R&D Internet Future & Research Services
  6. Yi-ke Guo – Director of Data Science, Imperial College