Drumming at NJA Productions

Recording Drum Tracks at NJA for The Dees’ new Album

Just spent a day laying down the Drums parts with Niall Acott at NJA Audio Productions for the first 6 tunes from The Dees‘ new album.

We’re taking an asynchronous approach – i.e. doing the parts when we can rather than recording them all LIVE with all players present (like in previous Dees and Flux albums) 🙂

Niall did the usual sterling job of making the whole process work like greased lightening – getting great drum sounds up, and then operating protools like it’s one of his limbs.

6 drum tracks down, 5ish more to go,… and then a load of other parts from the rest of the band..

Niall Acott at NJA Audio Productions – a great recording studio to record drums, and generally for mixing and mastering.

The drumkit was interestingly the same one as used in “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers. I thought this was a great story, as people are always ribbing my brother Ed Shearer and I about looking like the proclaimers whenever seen together in public.

Matt Shearer drumming at NJA Audio Productions
Matt Shearer on drums at NJA Audio Productions