The News Labs Neurotech Demo Team Basile Simon, Lauren Moorhouse, Jeremy Tarling, SImiao Yu, Tim Cowlishaw, Matt Shearer

Neurotech Rig Demo at Imperial College for

Today we demonstrated the “OPTIMAL MEMORY RIG” at the “Digital Economy 2014” conference at Imperial College London. This “Rig” uses BBC Archive clips to trigger an emotional reaction in users, and to measure their “fixation” on topics.

This project formally kicked off in October, so we’ve been able to quickly turn-around an impressive prototype in less than 2 months. Using EEG and Eye Tracking we monitor strength of emotional response, and of concentration “fixation” of our test subjects.

This project is a collaboration between BBC News Labs, BBC Rewind and Imperial College London “Data Science Institute”.

YiKe Guo – Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College – explains the Neurotech elements