Recording some Bass tracks with some distortion - YEAH

The Dees New Album – Bass tracks completed

Today had been planned for a while – the purpose was to finish off the Bass for all 11 tracks. Dan had done the 6 most familiar ones already.

Niall picked me up nice and early from Ebbsfleet, on his way from getting Dan from his Mam’s.

On the way over we were discussing our various jobs and work life, we reflected on how we are all in many ways “the Clown” from Wedding Crashers.

Make me a bicycle, clown.

Sadly today Deano couldn’t make it as he fractured a load of fingers at Football yesterday, and he was under general anaesthetic.

Tarks was absent due to being in Italy.

Dan nailed it all, and Niall was wicked.

The album is 1 step closer.