#NEWSGEIST 2015 in Helsinki, Finland

#NEWSGEIST 2015: The Future of News – Unconference in Helsinki

Just spent an enjoyable, and mentally draining unconference weekend with 150 of the great and the good from European Journalism @NEWSGEIST 2015 in Helsinki.

It was an unconference, so the choice of topics was up to us participants.

The Topics, with Mood, at #NEWSGEIST Europe 2015

NEWSGEIST Notes from Matt Shearer

Venue:  Aalto University

NEWSGEIST was held at Aalto University, near Helsinki in Finland

One of the local Finns joked that there was actually a mini Nuclear Powerplant nearby for training purposes.

Brief Escapade into Helsinki

On day 2, after the planned discussion sessions, a few of us (including Guardian and Google folks) popped into town to get some non-conference food and have a look at Helsinki.

Anthony Sullivan in Helsinki
A shot of Helsinki, Finland