Laundimer class of 1991 Reunion, Oundle School, in 2015

Laundimer class of 1991 – 25th Anniversary Reunion

We conspired -upon, and miraculously delivered, a reunion for 8 of us (out of 11) in Oundle – our “Almost 25th Anniversary Reunion.”

Who was there?

Present were Henry Mainwaring, Scott Black, Mike Meighan, Hugo Dyer, Matt Shearer, Jules Cork and Miles Hunt.

Photo by Stephen Forge. The seven of us outside the Back of Laundimer

Who was missing?

We were sadly missing Graeme Sievwright (in New Zealand), Max Rink (unavailable), and Dan Dyson (we could NOT find him, anywhere).

Sadly Missing the Reunion: Graeme Sievwright, Max Rink and Dan Dyson

Friday – 11am – Oundle Society Office

We met at the Oundle Society offices at Cobthorne, and met up with the kind Richard Potter, an Old Oundelian who was to be our guide around the school. A lot has changed in the school since 1991, and we needed an expert to explain and answer all of our questions.

Richard Potter – Old Oundelian, Oundle School

The only weekend we could gather everyone from Florida, Dubai, London and Cardiff was an “Exeat weekend”, so we had to rush to get the last tour (while classes were still in progress) at 11am on the Friday. Only 5 of us made it.

Mike outside The Cloisters
Tour of the New Music School (previously Anglian Water)
Inside the new Sci Tech Building
Approaching the Chapel
Hugo, Jules and Mike in the Chapel – not much has changed here 🙂
The Oundle Chapel

We then popped for lunch at The Tap & Kitchen, run by an old Laxtonian. Miles joined us here.

The Tap & Kitchen

….then we retired to The Ship.

First beer at The Ship for 25 years…

…then on to The Chequered Skipper in Ashton.

Norman Brittain, our Housemaster during most of our years in Laundimer, kindly shouted some rounds from afar, to fuel our celebrations. Cheers Norman!

Saturday – Oundle Tour part II, then to Laundimer!

First thing on Saturday, we met up again with Richard Potter, who kindly offered to show the remainder of us around to see the new and developing parts of the School.

The Saturday Tour, with Richard Potter
inside The Cloisters
The Parish Church

Miles sings Jerusalem, outside the Chapel
The 2 Acre, Kirkby and Wyatt
At St Anthony – home of Charlie Furniss

To Laundimer!

Then – onto Laundimer!! Stephen Forge – a tutor at Laundimer, and a French teacher for many of us while we were at Oundle – welcomed us in and kindly hosted us for the afternoon.

He showed us around so we could see how the house had developed, and together we spent several hours remembering people, and reminiscing about stories and adventures from the 1980s.

A particularly good memory trigger was the gallery of photos in the hallway:

Scott and Stephen Forge exchanging stories in the Library
The Old Bedsit, Laundimer, where I spent a few months in the upper sixth.
We go over old traditions in the refectory – it seems a little smaller.
Peculiar gap in the honours,… for our entire duration at Laundimer – what happened?

The Bell – instant nostalgia

One particularly strong nostalgia trigger was the Laundimer bell, which used to wake us up every morning….

Thanks to Stephen Forge!

Sunday – Breakfast and Farewell!

We had our final breakfast, mused over our reduced celebration stamina “these days”, and pledged to meet before another 25 years were done.

Thanks all – great weekend.

And thanks to Jules for securing me the Fridge Magnet, which I had completely neglected to get!!

Oundle Fridge Magnet