The Dees – New Album Strategy Evening – London

We are officially part-way into our 11 tracks of a new album for The Dees. So it seemed right to meet up and discuss strategy.

Of course Niall Acott, of – the audio production powerhouse behind the album – was with us, and he invited the arranger David Walter along too. Brilliant.

We discussed how and when everyone would do the recording, we did not take any band photos, and there was lots of random subjects, including V.S. (private joke, only for participants in this get together).

The Dees – Tarkan Algin, Dan McCabe, Matt Shearer, Dean Gardner
The Dees – Dan McCabe, Tarkan Algin, David Walter, Dean Gardner, Niall Acott
Niall Acott and Matt Shearer – selfie, with David Walter in the background, plus Dan McCabe, Tarkan Algin, Dean Gardner